Ashley Madison Review


Ashley Madison ReviewHaving tested, my review for this Marital Affair site is that it isn’t very good for one night stands. Trust me, I have quite the experience when it comes to cheating on my wife. I didn’t like the way other members openly expose themselves on this married dating site. They’re just screwing themselves. Never trust dating sites that brand themselves 100% discreet. What will you do if your own wife signs up on this so-called 100% discreet site? Well, it won’t be 100% discreet anymore, obviously! There is no “HIDE FROM YOUR WIFE” option.

AshleyMadison Test

In order to evaluate, my test uses these 4 criteria: Online Chat, Naughty Conversation, Adulterous Encounter, Get Laid.

Ashley Madison Analysis

  • I met 60 very charming & nice girls on the Online Chat
  • I called and messaged 20 girls
  • I met 7 beautiful girls
  • I cheated on my wife once with another married woman. The one night stand was ok.

Ashley Madison Fee

The subscription price is around $ 47 for one month, but I chose the FREE option. Comparison

In the world of married dating, you have a lot of adult dating sites dedicated to extramarital encounters. Here’s a list of similar sites to cheat on your wife or husband:

AshleyMadison FAQ

  • What is the price for using Ashley Madison?
  • Is Ashley Madison a scam?
  • How can I cheat on my wife? Scam

No scam has been detected on Ashley Madison. However, the quality of AM’s members is undesirable. I DO NOT recommend anyone to sign up for this site. Your one night stand will end up being VERY EXPENSIVE! And the more that you spend, the easier it is for you to get caught for unfaithfulness.