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After having tested, my review is still very neutral for this new adult dating site. Although it’s free, there are way too many members. I prefer paid sites. At least you know that every user is serious in their quest for relationships or naughty encounters. When you sign up on a free dating site, you’re spammed with ads and that makes us lose hope of receiving a message coming from a future potential encounter. Oh well, at least it was free.

Match test

My test evaluated the 4 following criteria: Online Chat, Voice Conversation, Encounter, Get Laid.

It took quite a while for me to receive serious messages since there are a lot of users who spam free dating sites.

Match Analysis

  • I met 40 very charming and nice girls on the Online Chat
  • I called & messaged 10 girls
  • I met 4 beautiful girls.
  • I had only 1 one night stand which was pretty good.

Match Fee

The subscription price is around $20, but I chose the free subscription.

Match Comparison is comparable to Love Dating Sites. Here’s a list of similar sites:

Match FAQ

  • Is a scam?

Match Scam

People who signed up as PREMIUM MEMBERS on have regretted spending money since the difference between paying members and free members is very little, which makes it a bad investment. is not a good site if you want to get laid, you won’t find anything more than friends on this site.


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Getiton review reviewHere’s my review for… One-night stands, one-nighters, road gig… How many synonyms do I have to use to make you understand? The new trend in America is to get laid via this new dating site. What you get for the price you pay is UNBELIEVABLE, more than worth it! You will absolutely not be disappointed.

Getiton test

This actual test for has measured the efficiency of this adult dating site on the following criteria: Chat, Naughty Conversations, Naughty Encounters, One night stands.

Getiton analysis

  • I met 112 hot girls that lived near me on the online chat.
  • I called and messaged 43 married women.
  • I met and flirted with over 30 girls.
  • As for naughty encounters, I had 21 booty calls.

Getiton fees

The subscription fee for is $28,99. Not only the price is very cheap compared to other adult dating sites, but it guarantees that YOU WILL GET LAID. If you don’t get laid, Getiton will extend your subscription.

Getiton Comparisons

With adult dating sites, you have plenty of sites to get laid, but none as GOOD as, it might even be the BEST. You’ll see on your own, here’s a list of adult dating sites:

Getiton FAQ

  • Does work in the US?
  • Getiton VS AdultFriendFriender
  • What is the best site to get laid?
  • How to meet a lot of women on the internet?

Getiton Scam

No scam has been detected on since it guarantees that you will get laid.


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NoStringsAttached Review ReviewMy review on the adult dating site NoStringsAttached is VERY GOOD. is killing the competition when it comes to adult dating sites in the US. Flirting has never been this easy. During your subscription, you will have to choose between the following categories: SEXY, LOVE, GAY. Understand that if you wish to make new naughty married encounter for one night stands, you will choose SEXY. If you are looking for your soul mate, your perfect match, you will choose LOVE. And if you’re looking for a Gay or a Lesbian, you know where to click! Whether you’re in California, New York, Boston or wherever in the US, will answer your needs. You WILL have encounters, it’s guaranteed. Whether you’re looking for love or a one night stand, you’ll find the person you’re looking for.

NoStringsAttached test

My test is based on the following criteria: Chat, Voice Conversation, Encounters, Get Laid. Since time is money, I didn’t waste any and decided to pay for the subscription price. By the way, the subscription is done with the utmost confidentiality.

On, it took a little before I started engaging in many encounters with married women. Passionate encounters, naughty encounters & one night stands, more than you can ever dream of.

NoStringsAttached analysis

  • I met 90 very charming & nice girls on the online chat
  • I called & messaged 40 girls
  • I met 25 of the most beautiful girls
  • I banged 14 girls, one of which I had a relationship with for 7 months, another with whom our adventure lasted 3 months.

NoStringsAttached fees

The subscription price is around $23 per month

NoStringsAttached comparisons

EasyFlirt can be compared with different naughty encounters, love or gay sites. Here’s a comparison list:

NoStringsAttached FAQ

  • Is a scam?
  • Fall in love on
  • Best Free Adult Encounters Site

NoStringsAttached scam

No scam has been found on If so, be the first to share your bad experience on this adult dating site.

No Strings Attached

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Adult Friend Finder Review Review, Test & StatsMy review for can be summed up as such: it’s a site for naughty extramarital encounters. You will find plenty of women & men for yourself just like many users have succeeded in finding. There’s a reason why it’s known as THE #1 ADULT DATING SITE since 2006.

AdultFriendFinder Test

My test is based on the following criteria: Online Chat, Call, Meet, Get Laid.

Since time isn’t on my side, I didn’t waste any and accepted to pay the price for a paid subscription which is, by the way, very secure and confidential.

With, we’ve chatted with women, called them on their mobile phones. We got with every selected girl around 1.5 times on average. Sometimes we even got laid with them many times and with multiple girls.

Adult Friend Finder Analysis

  • I met 70 girls on the Online Chat, who were mostly average-looking but some very sexy.
  • I called and messaged 27 girls
  • I met 15 girls
  • I got laid with 5 girls, one of whom I still see

Adult Friend Finder Fee

The subscription price in around 20$US a month.


Adult Friend Finder Comparison

Adult Friend Finder is comparable to adult dating sites for naughty encounters or extramarital affairs. Here’s a list of similar sites:

Adult Friend Finder FAQ

  • Is AdultFriendFinder a scam or is it really working?
  • Are there any false accounts on AdultFriendFinder?
  • Can we get laid on AdultFriendFinder?
  • Can we get our money back on AdultFriendFinder?
  • Free dating site AdultFriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder Scam

  1. AdultFriendFinder is not a scam, it really works. YES, they’ve used fake profiles to get people to sign up for free. Once they’ve signed up, most members are satisfied with their subscription and even accept to pay for a VIP subscription. As you know, free sex doesn’t exist. There is no free one night stand. Even taking a woman out for coffee will cost you 5-6$ so stop thinking that you can get laid for free, it’s IMPOSSIBLE! And when that will actually be possible, well it probably won’t be a real woman, so RUN!!!
  2. Is a scam? No, you will never get scammed on BUT BE CAREFUL: nothing will stop another user to sign up with a fake picture and ask for your credit card number or ask you to sign up on an escort site. If that’s the case, please report that user and the account will be automatically blocked. is not a PORN site, it’s a community of adults who want one night stands with other adults.

Adult Friend Finder

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