MarriedDateLink Review

MarriedDateLink Overview Review, Test & StatsCity boys, city girls MarriedDateLink isn’t as good as AdultFriendFinder or NoStringsAttached… Is not very active in big metropolises like Los Angeles, New York City, Miami & Houston, the only reason why it’s not ranked first is because most of its users, I’d say roughly 75%, are men. Which means that, as a man, you’ll have to dig into the remaining 25% and get your email wizard on to get good results.

MarriedDateLink – Review

For around a dozen dates, I sealed the deal with 5 of them. I have to admit that out of the 3 failures, 2 of them were completely my fault and would’ve been closed had I planned my moves beforehand. Lesson learned: always have a way to bring them back to my place; it’s not always easy to maneuver out of the blue.

MarriedDateLink – Strong & Weak points

Let’s keep it simple, here are a couple of strong and weak points on MarriedDateLink

MarriedDateLink – Weak Points

  • Aesthetically, it’s not the prettiest site I’ve been on, a little rough around the edges
  • As I’ve noted earlier on, a lot more men than women
  • Their angle is not very technology oriented, no private online chat or video, only chat rooms, which makes everything public
  • No trial fees, and beyond that, the actual subscription fee is quite cheap
  • For one thing, the live chat board are actually pretty good, interactions are fun

MarriedDateLink – Strong Points

MarriedDateLink – How to go about it

You know, it’s the same with most extramarital affairs dating sites. There’s a golden rule: Stand out from the crowd. Don’t go for stereotypical behaviors. Lay out your intentions and how you’re going to contact each other.

MarriedDateLink Fees

30$ for a single month, but if you’re willing to commit to the site on the long term, they have discount packages of course, not to mention the free to try option.