Different types of married affairs: SHORT term vs LONG term encounters

There are two types of married affairs. A short-term encounter is when you barely know your sexual partner. It could be an escort or a one night stand. Or someone that you only see from time to time. An long term unfaithful encounter is when you start by getting to know each other delicately & intimately. Emotions and feelings come about on their own.

So… what’s BETTER and LESS RISKY???

We recommend short term relationships, but every day. Short term married encounters have some advantages:

  • Very low emotional investment, relations oriented towards sex.
  • Your partners are rarely crazy & emotional.
  • The rotation of your sexual partners gives you control on the situation.

Long term married encounters are complicated. Your sexual partner will always ask you to leave your wife. It becomes a mini-relationship. Their management require different levels of efforts.

The longer you engage in sexual encounters with someone, the more that person will get attached to you.

Emotional affairs are a gateway towards issues. Intense feelings make affairs extremely complicated. Infatuation is really hard to deal with. It can turn to obsession in an instant and make the risk of getting caught higher.

You must decide (for yourself) if you are motivated by good sex or a new couple’s relationship. If you’re out looking for a partner for a stable life, you should get a divorce. It’s not meant for an affair.

If all you want is good sex, you must control the situation when having an affair. Learn to have a short term affair and know how to end it quickly. Avoid shitty situations AT ALL COSTS.


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