Married Cheating

Understand the risks of having a married affair and define GOOD affairs. Read our ultimate marital affair online guide.

A “good marital affair” goes beyond “not getting caught by your wife.” To get caught is probably the worst part when you badly manage your married affair. However, it is not the only thing we have to deal with.

THE KEY: Keeping control over your married affair partner is the *ONLY* foolproof way for YOU to guarantee your PROTECTION.

Keeping control means that significant others will NEVER suspect that you are unfaithful. Your affair partner should never jeopardize your relationship or put you in a risky situation with your wife.

An excellent (and successful) marital affair brings great advantages to you and your married affair partner. Good marital affairs are:

100% under YOUR control

100% anonymous – Whoever’s involved does not really know you are, always stay away from drama. Never get involved with people who are “crazy attached”, rather opt for someone simple, fun and romantic. Multiple short term engagements is the best in the married cheating. Keep it fresh, fun and new.

Imagine deciding to be unfaithful. Your married affair partner has strong feelings for you, but you know that you will never leave your wife. Who’s benefiting from this marital affair? No one! Until you reach your main goal which is to have a few married encounters here and there, your married affair partner will leave unsatisfied because of those genuine feelings, which breaks the first rule of married cheating: NEVER INVOLVE FEELINGS. Involving feelings means certain death for you. Anyone with strong feelings for you (love or hate, both are equal in strength) makes the probability of getting caught having a marital affair higher.

Be honest with yourself and your needs, it’s an important part of successful married cheating affairs. The one who is best at betraying you is always… YOURSELF. Not being honest with yourself is extremely dangerous. Understanding what you are doing at all times is an important mindset in order not to get caught having a marital affair.

REMEMBER, it IS NOT a simple email, a text message, or a random site that you stumbled upon by accident. Your wife is not stupid. Adding common human mistakes will raise doubt and you will be caught. You will lose much more than your relationship.

The more honestly you gauge the marital affair, the better are your chances in not getting caught.

Having married cheating affairs has always been a very high risk activity. No matter how smart you think you are. All risks never disappear. You can try reducing the risk, but you will never erase it. This is why we offer a MARITAL AFFAIR STRATEGY which will help you and will be very useful. Long term married affairs bring ENORMOUS RISKS. You will learn how to avoid them throughout this guide. That being said, here are the main risks that you will encounter in the world of marital affairs…

Logistics risks of marital affairs

Your wife will find out that you have a marital affair (married cheating) without a logistic management. It’s your fault. By reading the history of your cellphone, text messages or emails that have not been deleted. By forgetting to get rid of financial information like dinner bills, credit card or bank receipts, or lipstick on your collar, etc. You will learn how to get rid of every type of risks in this guide.

Social risks – Losing social reputation & friends

Have a married affair in your social circle; you can risk losing MUCH MORE than your family. Everyone has a reputation to maintain – and it deserves to be protected at all costs. You have common close friends. People with principles have a certain degree of respect for you. If you are tagged as someone who “has sex elsewhere behind the someone’s back”, you without a doubt risk losing your social reputation in any friends circle.

Emotional risks in Marital Affairs – Go for Short term rather than Long term.

Getting involved emotionally in a marital affair is always a bad idea. Married Affairs should always be about good & passionate sex and not a mixed variation of love. Usually, feelings lead to bad decisions and logistics mistakes. It’s the main reason why choosing short term married cheating over long episodes is better. Short term = adorable + easy to get rid of

Financial risks – Lose everything for something you’ve worked so hard to get

Married Cheating exposure has impacts on business and financial situations for a lot of people. You don’t believe it? We have two words for you: TIGER WOODS. Knowledge of a marital affair can be used in a bad way by sneaky people, looking to advance their careers. Compromising material (blackmail) is real and it concerns this situation.

An ideal married affair partner will share the same risk and rewards as you!!!


When both parties play with the same high risks, YOURS are DIMINISHED.


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