How to cover a marital affair: Do not get caught cheating your wife

In order to not get caught having a marital affair, you must cover your actions. Learn how to cover an affair will be very easy, you only need to use a little common sense & good judgement.

Affair spending – How to cover *ALL* unfaithful transactions

One of the things that trigger “ALARMS” is to use your credit cards for suspicious purchases. We have a magic solution: a prepaid VISA/MasterCard. Those ARE NOT credit cards so you don’t have to be approved to get them. There is no credit check. You can use them wherever VISA/MasterCard are accepted & you fill them with cash as you please in most places. Those are easy to acquire, they’re even better than conventional credit cards, since you will NEVER RECEIVE ANY STATEMENT at home.

The best card is the AccountNow Prepaid Debit Card. You will have to fill it up little by little, DO IT. This way, you will already be ready to engage in your first 100% discreet encounter. You can also use it to pay for online dating sites. (Also, on the sites we recommend, NEVER bill them on your company’s real name. It’s always a hidden cost, which is good.)

Make sure to bury your new prepaid debit card somewhere really, *really* hidden in your wallet.

Online Chat: Delete all computer activity

First, choose ONLY ONE PC or MAC for all of your extramarital interactions. You will spend a lot of time online. Popular choices included internet cafés, work desktops or at the library. Ideally, your wife should NEVER have access to that computer.

You will need to download a need browser (try Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox)

Secondly, you will learn how to use “incognito mode” on each of those browsers.

For Chrome, here are the instructions:

For FireFox, you will want to use their “Private Navigation” option:

You will also want to HIDE this new browser, which means that the icon MUST NOT be on your desktop or your start menu >> see all programs.

Create an email account which will exclusively be used for your extramarital encounters. Hotmail or Gmail will do the trick. If you sign up on online dating sites, you will need an email address that IS NOT your main account.

Your mobile phone: worst enemy or best friend

Pay attention, this part is SUPER IMPORTANT. It is easy to find information. We already went through some methods in the previous section.

Calls and text messages are harder to cover. Spouses keep an eye on mobile phone bills. Those bills can expose your affair.

The BEST option to not get caught cheating is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use your everyday cell phone to call/receive calls from your mistress.

There are alternatives to communicate. You can buy a PREPAID SIM CARD for you cell phone. This will allow you to change your phone number when you want to and NEVER get into this with only one phone number. For the small price of 15 euros, you have a new phone number every few months.

Remember, it is MUCH better than having to explain to your wife why you have calls and text messages from unknown numbers and why you have multiple missed calls from a number that isn’t in your contacts list.

You can also consider the option of signing up for Google Voice and give your mistress access to your Google Voice phone number & then transfer your calls on a new prepaid mobile phone. Google Voice is an excellent service. It lets you have a new phone number and you can transfer calls to any specific phone number.

Have we mentioned that you need an EXCELLENT ALIBI???

An excellent alibi is key when you’re having an affair. Never tell your wife that you went out drinking with your friends when you weren’t. It’s the most common way to get caught lying about where you were. She has (or can easily find) your friends’ numbers and she *WILL CALL* them one by one just to find out the truth.

With an alibi, it is easy to verify and plausible. Ideally, you will have to start by talking to your wife and let her know that you will have a “regular” engagement every week, like a cooking class for example.

The best alibi is ALWAYS an alibi that:

  • Implies that your phone has to be off
  • Is NEVER “done” with another person that your wife knows personally
  • Must be on a regular basis so that it “happens naturally” and is flexible to allow you to meet your affair partner


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