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After having tested, my review is still very neutral for this new adult dating site. Although it’s free, there are way too many members. I prefer paid sites. At least you know that every user is serious in their quest for relationships or naughty encounters. When you sign up on a free dating site, you’re spammed with ads and that makes us lose hope of receiving a message coming from a future potential encounter. Oh well, at least it was free.

Match test

My test evaluated the 4 following criteria: Online Chat, Voice Conversation, Encounter, Get Laid.

It took quite a while for me to receive serious messages since there are a lot of users who spam free dating sites.

Match Analysis

  • I met 40 very charming and nice girls on the Online Chat
  • I called & messaged 10 girls
  • I met 4 beautiful girls.
  • I had only 1 one night stand which was pretty good.

Match Fee

The subscription price is around $20, but I chose the free subscription.

Match Comparison is comparable to Love Dating Sites. Here’s a list of similar sites:

Match FAQ

  • Is a scam?

Match Scam

People who signed up as PREMIUM MEMBERS on have regretted spending money since the difference between paying members and free members is very little, which makes it a bad investment. is not a good site if you want to get laid, you won’t find anything more than friends on this site.


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